Matt Damon Good Will Hunting - Embed
Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

While speaking with E! News on the Golden Globes Red Carpet, Matt Damon gave a heartfelt shout-out and tribute to his former Good Will Hunting co-star, the late Robin Williams.

In the iconic film, Williams played a therapist who helps Damon's character, a janitor with a gift for mathematics, realize his true potential. "A lot of really good memories with him," Damon said. "[We] always felt like we had this incredible debt to pay back."

Damon continued to express his sadness and shock over the actor's death. "The abruptness of someone leaving like that, and that realization comes that you’ll never be able to see them again … [is shocking]," he said. "That movie got made because Robin said he wanted to do it, and, you know, that changed the trajectory of our careers, forever."

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Many of Williams's films are some of our favorites of all time (Mrs. Doubtfire was a childhood staple), and we too feel his absence even almost three years later. Thanks to Damon for keeping his memory alive.