By Meredith Lepore
Jul 28, 2016 @ 8:00 am

First couples therapy with Jimmy Kimmel and now lying to Jimmy Fallon: All in all, it's been a busy week for Matt Damon. The Jason Bourne star, who is busy promoting his new action film, tried his hand at a game of Box of Lies on Wednesday's The Tonight Show. The premise of the game is this: A player chooses a box that contains an object—usually a very odd one—that his opponent can't see and can either truthfully describe what is in front of them or lie about it. The other player must then decide if the description was the truth or a lie.

Damon kicked things off by picking box No. 4. "I've always wanted to go on The Price is Right by the way. I just love that they [the audience] get to call out which one I pick," Damon said. He opened his box to find a bonsai tree covered with garden gnomes. However, the Oscar winner decided to describe a slinky with a nose on it. Although he did a convincing job describing it, Fallon didn't fall for it. "You lie!" he said.

Then it was the host's turn and his object was even stranger: a glass piggy bank full of shrimp. "It's an everyday thing," described Fallon, who went on to describe a miniature hot tub with figures of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and either Justin Bieber or Luke Skywalker in it. It sounded ridiculous and yet Damon was convinced. "All right, you're telling the truth," he said. Fallon then revealed his object and yelled, "I beat the master actor!"

Watch Matt Damon play Box of Lies in the video above.