By Brandi Fowler
Apr 13, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Traci Lynn Photography

Get ready to grab a box of tissues.

While a military wife was trying to find the perfect photographer for her maternity shoot, she ended up contacting photographer Traci Fugitt of Traci Lynn Photography with a special request. The 19-year-old mom-to-be, Nicole Bedwell, had gotten pregnant just as her navy corpsman husband, Wesley, was deployed 7,000 miles away, and she wanted Fugitt to create a shoot in which Wesley appeared to be present.

"A month after we found out I was pregnant, he deployed," Nicole told InsideEdition. "It's our first baby. Luckily I had a really good pregnancy, but it definitely sucks."

Traci Lynn Photography

"It was just something we talked about," Nicole continued about her and her 21-year-old husband's thoughts on the shoot. "I just wanted him in the picture because he wasn't able to be here during the whole pregnancy so she cropped him in."

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To pull off Nicole's dream maternity shoot, Fugitt got her creative juices flowing and took photos of Nicole palming her baby bump in a floral dress as she stood in a field of bluebonnets. "I had an idea to use the Texas bluebonnets to emphasize how she was MILES away in Texas, literally 7000 miles, and yet they were both waiting for Pyper, together," Fugitt wrote on her blog Tuesday.

She photographed Nicole holding a framed photo of Wesley, and she made the shoot even sweeter by reuniting the two via Photoshop in an image in which Wesley appeared to be reaching out to touch her burgeoning belly.

Traci Lynn Photography

"I cried, both of our families cried," Nicole said. "It's been really emotional for me to have my husband gone my whole pregnancy, so the fact that Traci was able to include him in my maternity session was very emotional. We will never be having our first child again. He's my family, so having him included touched my heart. It made me happy."

Although Wesley was away during Nicole's pregnancy, he was able to return home when she developed hypertension during it. The pregnancy was deemed high-risk, she was going to be induced, and he was allowed to return home for his daughter's birth Wednesday.