Mason Pearson Hairbrush - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

There's a lot of things $100-ish can get you—a couple of concert tickets, a cozy sweater from J. Crew, delicate Melissa Joy Manning earrings. It wouldn't cross most people's minds to hand over that cold, hard cash for a hairbrush. But the Mason Pearson isn't just any hairbrush. In the beauty world, it's a status symbol, objet d'art—and most importantly—a hair pro's best friend. Here's why:

1. It gently detangles: No need to machete your way through knots. According to L.A.-based stylist Bridget Brager, "the nylon bristles help the brush pass smoothly through the hair." And, it does this "without pulling or hurting your head," adds N.Y.C.-based stylist Tommy Buckett (if it did, you know his celeb clientele would tell him).

2. It's good for your scalp's health: Scalp talk isn't sexy—but its wellbeing is the key to gorgeous hair. Brager, who tends to the strands of Kiernan Shipka and Bryce Dallas Howard, says the brush has a mild "cleansing effect, removing dandruff from roots and evenly distributing natural oils," from the scalp to the tips of strands. Because the bristles are so flexibile, says Buckett, they massage instead of scratch at your roots.

3. It makes your hair crazy shiny: By coating the hair in those natural oils, the brush instantly ups shine. "The polish it gives is incredible," says Buckett, who counts Felicity Jones and Elisabeth Moss as clients. And all that luster cuts down on fuzzy flyaways: "When I'm on set or getting a client ready to hit the red carpet, I know I can give their hair a quick once-over with the brush to diminish frizz immediately," says Brager.

4. It comes in a version for every hair type: According to Brager, go for the all boar bristle version if you've got fine to medium hair, the boar-nylon mix if you've got medium to thick hair, and all nylon if your hair is seriously thick.

5. It lasts forever: "I've had this one Mason Pearson brush for twelve years," says L.A.-based stylist Mark Townsend, who works with Elizabeth Olsen and Rachel McAdams. "It's travelled around the world with me several times, and because it's been with me so long, it's all bruised and burnt from me setting it down on an iron—but it still works wonders," says Townsend. The upside to having such a beat brush? "I don't have to worry about an actress or model stealing it from me!"