Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Reveal Their Favorite Things

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may be some of the most recognizable faces around, but the moguls-turned-fashion designers are notoriously private, rarely opening up about their personal lives or the style empire that they've built. However, thanks to a recent interview with The Coveteur about the Elizabeth and James store in Los Angeles, we've learned all about their favorite things.

Revelation number one is that just by stepping into one of their stores, you're unknowingly surrounded by the things they love most. Everything that they curate is "essentially, items that Ashley and I live with," Mary-Kate says. So, spoiler alert: They're even cooler than we imagined. The store is a mix of items that complement the Elizabeth and James collection, and includes pieces that currently resonate with them.

“Our favorite pieces are constantly evolving, but because we have a deep love of vintage clothing, the tees and kimonos were especially fun," Mary-Kate says. "Our sources for vintage t-shirts are always changing and a combination of vintage stores and flea markets, mostly in New York and Los Angeles. I have too many favorite t-shirts to answer [and pick just one].” As for Kimonos, the same mentality holds true. “[The best places to shop for vintage robes are] vintage shops, dealers and flea markets across New York, Los Angeles and Paris.”

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While Mary-Kate can't get enough of vintage tees and kimonos, Ashley reveals that she's a Levi's kind of girl. “My favorite jeans are [a] pair of vintage Levi’s and my old Elizabeth and James zip-front jeans in black. We re-did them in the last Fall collection.”

The store isn't just about clothing, they source other obsessions such as crystals, which Ashley admits she collects, as well as apothecary staples. "The zines, tinctures and teas are all from Homestead Apothecary in Oakland. We love that they are from California and everything in their shop pays homage to the plants and supporting local herbalists, farmers and artists. I drink the Brain Booster tea," Ashley says.

But if you really want to live like an Olsen (and you don't want to spend a million bucks), do as the Olsens do and burn sage. “[We burn sage at our homes] all of the time, and in our offices and stores, as well."

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