By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Jul 24, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen go to a wedding, they do it in style.

Unsurprisingly, when the sisters had to dress for Gomelsky creative director Cassie Coane's wedding over the weekend in New York City, they did not wear typical bridesmaids dresses. In fact, they could be described as quite the opposite.

In a 'gram posted by Staud clothing's Sarah Staudinger, the Olsen twins are pictured in a giant group of bridesmaids, and even from this small peek at their outfits, it's clear that their looks were wholly unique.

Olsen Bridesmaids
Credit: staud/Instagram

Mary-Kate stood off to the side in a beige-gold silk kimono-esque minidress decorated with orange, red, and pink flowers. She accessorized with emerald green mules, drop earrings, and a necklace and wore her hair tied back with an ornate headband. Ashley, on the other hand, stood near the front of the group in a black dress with oversize sleeves and her hair worn down.

Both dresses were opulent and regal to the point that the twin sisters looked as though they could've walked right out of a painting.

The sisters were two of 18 bridesmaids, and everyone wore completely different looks. But one common thread tied the group's range of dresses together: each featured some form of floral pattern.

From the looks of it, the wedding was very fashion-forward, but we expect nothing less when the Olsens are involved.