The Olsen Twins - LEAD
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To all the millenials who never recovered from the end of the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie era, we have good news: the twin sisters are still living out our pre-teen dreams and going on double dates. Granted, these days they and their respective dates are a bit more grown up—bye Jared Padalecki and Jesse Spencer…

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, the Olsens attended a basketball game at N.Y.C.’s Madison Square Garden. Mary-Kate and her banker husband, Olivier Sarkozy, enjoyed each other’s company in the stands on one side of the aisle, while Ashley and her new art collector beau, Richard Sachs, sat on the other. So okay, it wasn’t the double date we’d always imagined, but they were certainly sitting close enough to throw each other a knowing look or two.

Each couple was photographed smiling and laughing throughout the evening, and even shared some PG-rated PDA.

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These fraternal twins might look almost identical, yet each Olsen established a look of her own last night—Ashley left her platinum blonde locks down at her shoulders, while Mary-Kate separated her light brown mane into a set of braids.

The Olsen Twins - 1
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The Olsen Twins - 3
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The Olsen Twins - 2
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It’s not the Olsen comeback we’d hoped for, but we’re so glad to see the girls looking over-the-moon happy. You deserve it, M.K. an A.!