Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage; Courtesy Photo

Mary J. Blige is returning to your living room! In August, the singer launched her first fragrance, My Life, on HSN, and sold over 60,000 bottles in just 21 hours. “I think I almost cried,” Blige told us when she described her triumph at a luncheon this week. “I tweeted and did everything to let [my fans] know I was just so thankful.” Tomorrow, the Grammy-winner and actress (she also confirmed that she will appear in the movie version of Broadway’s ‘Rock of Ages’) returns to the network for her second appearance—and she’s bringing more variations of My Life with her (think body lotions, shower gel, and a new gift set). Find out more about her fragrance after the jump!

Even though you won’t be able to smell it through your flat-screen, Blige promised to explain everything about her perfume-design process on-air. “I had no idea that so many flowers went into it!” she told us. “I hated flowers when I was little—I think because my teachers always smelled like them. I had no idea that tuberose, jasmine, freesia and gardenia could smell so beautiful.” They do!

Check out Mary J. Blige—whose new album drops in March—on HSN tomorrow.