Martha Stewart's Quarantine Beauty Routine Really Is a Good Thing

Not a single cliched influencer go-to in sight.

Did you know that Martha Stewart has a personal Instagram account that's less glossy, less produced, and way more compelling than her main feed? It's also where the O.G. lifestyle guru dropped her quarantine beauty routine and if you've been raised on Into the Gloss Top Shelf posts and 52-step Korean skincare routines, Stewart's very good mix of self-care and real-world know-how (OK, so she calls it "daily ablutions and preparations" and that's ... something) is refreshingly simple and totally doable.

Stewart starts her post by telling everyone that right now, when there's so much uncertainty, it's not the time to be experimenting.

Martha Stewart Instagram Quarantine Beauty Routine
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

"I warn all of you to not attempt frivolous 'fixes' during this time," she writes. Instead, she's sticking to the tried and true. While we're all self-isolating and away from the manicuristsm, makeup artists, stylists, and colorists that we depend on, she insists that it's easy to stay sane and maintained. Here's what she recommends, which doesn't involve rent-check caliber face creams, fancy gadgets, or trendy crystal rollers:

Wash your hair, condition it, and air-dry it. Remove any chipped nail polish and lightly file your nails. Apply lots of rich hand lotion and reparative ointments to counter all of the hand-washing. Cleanse your skin and moisturize morning and night. Tinted sunscreen is good all da, and lipgloss is her makeup of choice. Stewart also recommends applying masks two or three times a week! And in a Snoop-approved move, she also champions CBD masks and serums.

She finishes by imploring her followers to take some time and go outside, but take the proper precautions, which involves social distancing, gloves, and masks.

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