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2019 Time 100 Gala
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Businesswoman and tastemaker Martha Stewart has been marketing her lifestyle tips and tricks for decades, but when it comes time to let her social media freak flag fly, Martha’s more #nofilter than one would expect.

Between shots of perfectly set tables and an endless barrage of chocolate bunnies (she began posting Easter content on March 14, by the way), Miss Martha allows us to watch her bathe her cats, have cosmetic dental work done, and challenge Jennifer Lopez to a “lasagna battle.”

Stewart’s personal Instagram, marthastewart48 (she was born in ’41, so the number is anyone’s guess), deserves your follow – here’s why:

Empress Tang Loves a Good Bath

Martha has two Dominant Calico Persian cats who “live in my home”: Empress Tang and Princess Peony. They are about as low-key as a $1,000 cat can be and not only do they love water (!), but they are fully down for a good swaddle.

How do you run a lifestyle empire with the constant distraction of those furry, squishy lil’ faces??


Martha gives the people what they want: Snoop Dogg in the kitchen, and also out of the kitchen.

I could watch him dance all day.

Insider Access

Martha being Martha, she gets to go to some pretty high-profile events. But don’t worry, she doesn’t just post an outfit pic and carry on her way. No, Martha brings us with her — she knows you can’t watch Taylor Swift perform at the Time 100 gala and not spam your followers with meticulous close-ups of her face mid-song.

Martha Knows All the Cool Apps

Stewart, 77, a proponent of airbrushing, recommends the FaceApp for your retouching needs — it “takes your photo and ‘cleans it up’ as a great photographer would do for an advertising campaign or beauty cover. It’s FUN , too.”

Lessons in Dentistry

Curious about "steps for fine bonding"? Martha will give you a play-by-play, as well as a very intimate look inside her mouth.

Stay weird, Martha.