How Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt Fights the Urge to Skip Her Workout

Martha Hunt - LEAD
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

No matter how much discipline you practice, just the thought of heading to the gym is sometimes enough to make you shut off the alarm and roll back into bed. But when you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel, the stakes are too high to wait until tomorrowto begin sweating it out.

For Martha Hunt, preparing for the 2016 #VSFashionShow is a job in and of itself. “I’ve been working out non-stop at DogPound,” she told InStyle of her go-to boxing gym in New York City. “Those guys, they’re really nice. They’re so positive, which is something that’s really special to say about a trainer because that positive energy really makes a difference. It really makes you want to keep coming back.”

Positive vibes aside, Hunt keeps her eye on the prize when punching it out feels like a drag. “I just think about the runway,” she said, adding, “I have to think about everyone seeing me in my lingerie. That’s really good motivation.”

Don’t think those barely-there, wing-clad ensembles are the only thing that keep her going. “The first few minutes of a workout are the hardest, and then afterwards the endorphins kick in and you get this new boost of energy and it’s all worth it. We all have so much built up stress, so it’s so good to work out,” she noted. Valid point.

As for what she’ll think about once she’s actually on the runway, in front of the camera, it’s not, “don’t fall!” “I’m really trying to enjoy the moment because if you over-think it, I feel like you can see it on your face,” she told us. “You’re just trying to live in the moment. It’s not even really about thinking. I think it’s just about enjoying the moment.”

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Once that moment has wrapped, the Angels also say hello to snack time. “We traditionally throw a big pizza party, so I’ll be eating pizza right afterwards,” Hunt said. Save us a slice, girl.

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