Or maybe *especially* if you haven't seen it. 

marriage story meme
Credit: Netflix

I will probably not be watching Marriage Story.

Don't get me wrong — I'm sure the movie is very good. I'm sure Noah Baumbach did a wonderful job directing, and that Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson gave incredible performances, especially given Johansson's insistence that she could play a tree if she so wished. By most accounts, I'm missing out, but I'd like to counter that at this point, the movie may never live up to its memes in my mind.

Since it dropped on Netflix last weekend, Marriage Story — more specifically, one argument scene from Marriage Story — has inspired a diverse variety of memes. First, the scene went viral for the acting in it, then as the shelf life of an internet phenomenon dictates, it was made into a template to put it in the running for meme of the month.

For example, it could be used to discuss the validity of Friends:

Or to bemoan the very real hassles of a grocery store self-checkout:

It can even be used to reference the other meme of the month/possibly the year, Baby Yoda.

Or, my favorite, to describe the very real existential dread of waking up every day in a late capitalist society.

And, of course, to depict the despair of missing out.

Part of me, the film buff part that needs to see as many Oscar season movies as possible, wants to take in Marriage Story. But the other, larger and lazier part (and also the part that desperately needs joyful content — not a sad divorce movie — during an age of overwhelmingly bleak news) is happy to let these memes exist in my head, untethered from context.