Mark Wahlberg may be known for his roles in movies like Patriot's Day and The Fighter now, but it was his iconic Calvin Klein underwear ads in the '90s that made the former Funky Bunch-er a household name.

Twenty-five years later, the husband and father is proud to have moved past his pantless brooding phase, but as he revealed during an appearance on Conan O'Brien Thursday night, there's a certain omnipresent pop star who is proud to be following in Wahlberg's scantily clad footsteps. A little too proud, apparently.

"How do you feel about Justin Bieber doing it? Has he reached out to you in any way?" O'Brien asked after Wahlberg and Bieber's black and white Calvin ads appeared side by side on the screen.

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"You know what he is a very nice young man, he is a friend of mine, I've spent time with him," Wahlberg said. "He did send me the pictures. I was like: 'You don't send a guy pictures of you in your underwear.'"

So why did the "Sorry" singer send him the photos? Wahlberg says it's because he's proud. "It was a big deal for him to do it," he adds.

But Wahlberg says he's way past that stage of his life. "I am at 45, and a dad—a husband, a father of four—and I'm trying to move away from that image. But you know what? People give him flack for growing up in the spotlight, and they say he has a bit of an attitude, but you look at the look on my face—I mean I was the biggest punk in the world. He's very nice, young and polite compared to what I was."

Watch the funny interview above, and catch Wahlberg in Patriot's Day, in theaters today.