According to his IMDb, he got his start on the show as an unnamed cop.

When a show runs for 10 seasons, there's a good chance that some familiar faces will have snagged a small part somewhere along the line.

That's exactly how long Friends ran and why now-mega stars like Paul Rudd, Gabrielle Union, and Mark Conseulos havethe iconic show listed on their IMDb pages. But while Rudd and Union had arguably more memorable parts, Conseulos's was one you may have missed.

On May 10, 2001, the Riverdale actor played the role of "Policeman No. 1." and according to his page, it was only his second-ever role.

The episode was "The One with Chandler's Dad," which saw Chandler and Monica making a sojourn to Las Vegas. Buzzfeed has the receipts, showing a baby-faced Conseulos pulling over Ross and Rachel. Rachel manages to sweet-talk her way out of a ticket, but later in the episode, Ross isn't quite as lucky when he gets pulled over again.

Mark Consuelos's Second Acting Gig Was Friends
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Surprisingly, Consuelos isn't the only Riverdale star to make an appearance on Friends. His on-screen wife, Marisol Nichols, also had a role in the long-running series. Nichols appeared in a season 9 episode, "The One With Rachel's Dream," and played an actor that worked with Joey on Days of Our Lives.

Next time you catch a rerun, keep your eyes peeled for an unexpected cameo. There's no telling which star — CW or not — you'll spy alongside Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, and Joey.