Credit: Popperfoto/Getty; Courtesy of The Everett Collection (2)

Marilyn Monroe is the greatest blond of all time, according to a poll conducted by Clairol Nice 'n Easy. The stunning Grace Kelly and French actress, Brigitte Bardot, took the second and third spots, beating out younger stars like Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson. "Marilyn Monroe has always been known for her iconic blond hair, but it's amazing to think that even now, almost half a century after her death, she has still beaten modern blonds to the top spot," a spokeswoman for Clairol said. "Her hair is synonymous with 1950s glamour, but it has stood the test of time against hair styles and colors which have come and gone over the years." Check out the top twenty greatest blonds of all time, then tell us your favorite in the comments section below!