By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Nov 23, 2015 @ 9:00 am
Mariah Carey - July 29, 2015
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There are stars, there are icons, and then there's Mariah Carey... This is a fact that MAC Cosmetics realized long ago when they asked her to create her All I Want lipstick along with her own Beauty Icon collection, due out in 2016—though Carey and the brand go way farther back. "The first MAC product I ever bought was probably the Spice Lip Pencil, and it's still out today," she told InStyle at the launch event for her lipstick. True to form, the hue she created stays true to her penchant for a nude lip, but gets an extra dose of festive sparkle.

Though she credits Marilyn Monroe as her own beauty muse, Carey wasn't out to recreate her signature crimson lip. "When we talked about doing the All I Want lip color, we started out with the idea of a red, but that wasn't really my thing. I liked that we did the champagne frost, because you can pair it with other shimmery makeup," she said. "MAC was really supportive and collaborative—we sat down and went through a whole bunch of colors and hues until we got exactly what we wanted, and it was a fantastic learning experience."

Mariah Carey MAC Lipstick
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It's only appropriate that Carey's makeup idol previously got her own tribute in the form of a MAC lineup. In fact, Monroe was actually the reason that she fell in love with beauty in the first place. "I think I was about 6 years old, and my mother was watching a memorial to Marilyn Monroe," she told us. "That's when she became my beauty icon. I always loved the way she did her makeup, and her whole persona."

Carey's own Beauty Icon line is currently being developed, and although very few details have been revealed so far, we figure if Mariah Carey has anything to do with it, it's bound to be fabulous—and surely there will be no shortage of glitter, at that. "I thought it was amazing when they approached me to do the line, because there have only been maybe two other people who have done one," she told us. "I can't get into the whole thing just yet, but it's exciting! It's gonna be something I'm really proud of, and can't wait to have in my own makeup room." The feeling is definitely mutual, but until then, we'll be hitting refresh on the page until the All I Want lipstick is available next month.