Yes, Even Mariah Carey Suffers from Low Self-Esteem

Mariah Carey is one of the most recognizable faces in the music industry, so it's hard to imagine her struggling, but the singer took a break from her current tour to talk to Page Six about her rocky road to success.

“I remember it not being easy getting a record deal. Making demos in the middle of the night, sleeping on the floor in the studio, being broke with no food. My go-to meal was [Newman’s Own] sauce," she said. "Me and my friend would split the pasta and sauce for, like, a week. Or it was, like, a bagel and iced tea ... The guy would give it to me at the deli for free.”


Her financial (and presumably culinary) situation is significantly better today, but she said she still struggles with low self-esteem, even now. While fans might be surprised to hear this from the diva, Carey said she's just like everyone else who struggles with doubt sometimes.

“I just feel like I am a regular human being and I deserve the same respect as anybody else. I have always had low self-esteem, and people do not recognize that," she said. “I can’t measure what type of respect I deserve—I really can’t.”

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Even though she said she still struggles with low self-esteem, Carey acknowledged that she has come a long way.

“Growing up different, being biracial, having the whole thing where I did not know if I fit in ... That is why music became such a big part of my life, because it helped me overcome those issues,” she said. “Sometimes it is hard to let your guard down.”

Now, the singer is in the middle of a successful tour and is working on a new fragrance with Elizabeth Arden—"It smells like success," she teased—and she's got a "secret song" in the works.

We can't wait to see what's next.

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