Mariah Carey wants to set the record straight: She has no beef with Jennifer Lopez — yes, despite her infamous diss.

Back in early 2000s, the “Glitter” singer cemented her place as the Queen of Shade when she claimed “I don’t know her” when asked, "What do you think about Jennifer Lopez?" during an on-camera interview. There was the head shake, the pursed lips — it was a whole thing.

Since then, the dig has become one of the most iconic disses of our time and a go-to meme for anyone looking to throw a little shade. (Hair flip optional.)

Mariah Carey Lead
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But apparently, the 48-year-old had no intentions of dissing J. Lo. During an interview with Pitchfork, the entertainer explained how the infamous comment came to be.

“I really was trying to say something nice or say nothing at all,” she said. “I really was.” To Carey, the backlash she received (as well as the praise) all comes with the territory of being a mega-famous superstar. “It is what it is,” she said. “You have to embrace it.”

Jennifer Lopez Shades Of Blue
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Carey has previously addressed the diss, but she wasn't always so apologetic. Back in 2016, the performer told TMZ, “I still don’t know her!” even after J.Lo tried to clear up any feud rumors.

However, the “Dinero” singer later confirmed Carey’s forgetfulness when appearing on The Wendy Williams show that same year perE! New's report. “She’s forgetful I guess! We’ve met many times,” she shared. “I don’t know…I don’t know her that well.”

At least we'll always have this: