All I want for Christmas is this sort of commitment. 


The Christmas Queen has spoken.

Though you may be blindsided by the transition from spooky to wholesome, from motion-activated ghouls to jolly singing Santas, from candy-filled pumpkins to pumpkin-filled pies, there’s one billboard star who’s been eagerly awaiting November 1: Mariah Carey.

The “All I Want for Christmas” songstress went to bed an ‘80s rocker and awoke the epitome of all that is festive — or at least that’s how the video she created for the occasion (!) depicts it.

In a delightfully over-the-top video, Carey is shown heading to bed at 11:59 p.m. on Halloween, in full costume and makeup (Mariah would never!), and waking up one minute later to Santa Claus’s literal call. A joyous Mariah sits up in bed at the sight of her caller ID, now wearing a set of Christmas pajamas illustrated with cartoon images of Carey wearing a Santa hat, and greets Mr. Claus with an excited scream. Cue “All I Want for Christmas,” of course.

Yay, Christmas, I guess, but also, where can we find a makeup artist who specializes in one-minute transitions?