All I want for Christmas is more tidbits from Mariah.


Naturally, Mariah Carey celebrating 25 years of her Christmas album involved a healthy dose of nostalgia and a stiletto-clad stroll down memory lane. And, of course, with hindsight being 20/20, the diva admitted that there was one thing she'd change about the album and its release: her hair. A Twitter user unearthed a clip of Carey performing a Christmas tune and called out her decidedly '90s hair, which included blown-out bangs. In a new interview with Billboard, Carey explained that she gets it. If she could go back, she'd change it up.

"Somebody tweeted the ['Joy to the World' video] the other day: 'Love this. Bet she hates the hair, though,'" the tweet read.

Mariah Carey
Credit: ANGELA WEISS/Getty Images

Carey — the magazine notes that she's got an amazing memory — said that she'd ditch the bangs and just have her curls on display. Even with that phenomenal recall, she's not dwelling on it. She's moved past it and celebrating her favorite time of year and "All I Want For Christmas Is You"'s ascension to the top of the Billboard charts.

"It should've just been regular curls without the ponytail and the blown-out bangs," she said. "But we all go through these things, and I digress."

A quarter-decade after its debut, "AIWFCIY" finally topped the charts — and it surprised Carey, too.

"We definitely wanted to kick it into high gear this year with the song to celebrate the 25th anniversary, but I definitely didn't expect it to hit No. 1 two weeks before Christmas," Carey said. "I just want to thank everybody. I want the world to have the best holiday ever."

Billboard adds that her Christmas empire extends far beyond the one song. She has merch, a Hallmark Channel original movie, a TV special, a special Christmas tour, and a children's book. Bangs in the rearview, Carey's proving that she's the queen of Christmas no matter what.