If we didn't know any better, we could've walked right by Margot Robbie on the street over the weekend without a second glance.

The actress was virtually unrecognizable on the set of her upcoming movie Mary Queen of Scots over the weekend, and her makeup and hair had everything to do with it. Robbie is playing Queen Elizabeth I, and to transform into the character, she had to leave her signature looks by the wayside.

Margot Robbie
Credit: Dave Benett/Getty

Robbie hid the wavy blonde hair we're used to seeing under a bright red wig, which gave her a receding hairline. Her face looked almost makeup-less, save for a few scars to represent the smallpox scars that Queen Elizabeth I had starting in 1562.

Margot Robbie on Set as Queen Elizabeth - Embed
Credit: Flynet/Splash News

The new look is shocking, to say the least, but it still has us excited for the movie, which will follow Mary Stuart (Queen Elizabeth I's cousin) and her unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Elizabeth. Saoirse Ronan is slated to play Stuart. While we won't get to see Mary Queen of Scots until late 2018, this sneak peek at Robbie's unconventional look should be enough to hold us over in the meantime.

Between morphing into Queen Elizabeth I and her upcoming role as Tonya Harding around the corner, it seems like Robbie is turning into Hollywood's biggest chameleon.