Quentin Tarantino fans are in meltdown.

If it feels like we’ve talking about Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for years now, it’s because we literally have been — between Leonardo DiCaprio’s leather jackets, Brad Pitt’s Cheech & Chong-esque aesthetic, and the ongoing discussion of true crime exploitation (it’s one of four high-profile films coming out this year that concern the Manson murders on the 50th anniversary of the infamous serial killings), we cannot stop thinking/talking/tweeting about this movie.

Well, this week only served to fan the flames as the posters for Tarantino’s ninth feature began cropping up on social media.

The first, a slightly ominous shot of Pitt and DiCaprio posing before a blurred yellow car, the first half of the Hollywood sign visible in the distance, went up on Monday, and fans had some ~thoughts~.

But, to be fair, some people were into it:

... Like, really into it:

On Tuesday, a second poster went live — this one featuring Margot Robbie (Hollywood’s Sharon Tate) posed before the historic Fox Village Theater in west Los Angeles in the same sharp relief style as the first iteration.

If Robbie’s name hadn’t been so publicly attached to the film, we’re not sure we’d have even realized it was her. Strangely, as unlike herself as Margot looks, she doesn’t bear a striking resemblance to Tate, either …

Sharon Tate
Credit: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Knowing Tarantino, these seemingly odd stylistic choices may serve a greater purpose. Perhaps the forthcoming trailer will shed some light (but please, not from behind — we really don’t need more backlighting here).