Margot Robbie Used a Fake Twitter Account to Get Into Character for Bombshell

You might be able to track her down.

It's not quite the dark web, but Margot Robbie got deep, deep into the bowels of the internet to prep for her role in Bombshell. In a new interview, she explained that in order to really get into character, she created a fake Twitter account and followed a slew of conservative accounts, specifically ones that appealed to millennial women. In the film, she plays Kayla Pospisil, a conservative young woman from Florida, and given her Golden Globe nomination, it looks like turning to Twitter did just the trick.

According to Variety, Robbie "created a fake Twitter account so she could observe the performative opinionating of 'young millennial conservative girls.'"

The publication notes that she didn't name specific handles, her own handle, or exactly which accounts she sought out. However, it doesn't take much of an imagination to conjure up images of Tomi Lahren, Ivanka Trump, and other accounts that may or may not evangelize the practicality of leggings with built-in concealed carry capabilities.

Margot Robbie ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live"
Randy Holmes/Getty Images

Director Jay Roach called the whole process, which also included watching Fox News religiously, "a nerdy desire to get it all down."

Robbie also spoke about getting her accent just right, which made her turn to another millennial favorite: Reese Witherspoon.

"Every day, I'd do the monologue from Legally Blonde," Robbie told Variety, saying that Elle Woods was "incredibly smart" but "underestimated because of their looks." Combined with footage of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who was played by Laura Dern in Roach's 2008 HBO movie Recount, Robbie managed to mask her Aussie accent and create a perfectly believable Florida twang. Twitter, with all of its darkness and toxic rhetoric rubbing shoulders with dog memes and horoscopes, really is good for something.

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