By Isabel Jones
Updated Oct 12, 2017 @ 4:45 pm

In light of the recent slew of allegations leveled against producer Harvey Weinstein, Margot Robbie has nothing but praise for women who’ve chosen to share their stories.

"I think the whole situation is so disturbing and sad but I think the conversation surrounding it, hopefully, good comes out of it," the Goodbye Christopher Robbin star told ET on Wednesday.

Robbie’s Suicide Squad co-star Cara Delevingne was among the many voices who spoke out against Weinstein this week, and the Aussie actress couldn’t help but commend her bravery.

"Cara is a dear friend of mine and I already knew she was a fierce, brave woman. Today just proved that again," Margot said.

Robbie also acknowledged that Weinstein's is not an isolated case and things will need to change going forward.

“The fact that the conversation is so prevalent and so many woman are so bravely coming forward, I think the culture has to change," she said. "It cannot be ignored anymore."