Why Margot Robbie's Cannes Debut Was So Unexpected

She didn't go the typical Princess-chic route. 

Some of the most iconic red carpet moments to occur over the past 72 years have taken place on the French Riviera, at an invitation-only film festival known as Cannes. The festival’s inimitable carpet plays host to the height of glamour — and we mean “height” literally, you’re liable to get the boot if you dare approach the theater sans heels.

In fact, polish and perceived sartorial sophistication are so important to the festival organizers that even photographers must dress in full black-tie. Obviously, those walking the carpet must comply with such standards as well, with most men opting for a classic tuxedo and women a ballgown. This is as formal as events get, folks.

Considering the princess-y prestige of a Cannes carpet, we were shocked to see Hollywood royalty Margot Robbie arrive at the premiere of her film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in a subdued two-piece.

Margot isn’t a conservative red carpet dresser by any means — the Chanel muse is all about a bold risk, be it structured tulle, sequins galore, or sheer panels from head-to-toe — so it was surprising to see her playing it so casual with her Cannes debut. Robbie wore a long tank with sequined black trim lining the top hem with a large bow sitting to the left, centered by a pink rose applique. Her loose-fitting pants matched the color and texture of the tank’s top hem. She paired the two-piece with a thick black choker, cut-out mule pumps, and voluminous dangling silver earrings, her blonde hair parted and resting atop each shoulder. (All Chanel couture, of course.)

"Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" Red Carpet - The 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival
Mike Marsland/Getty Images

It wasn’t what we were expecting from Margot’s first Cannes carpet, but perhaps that’s the point? No one expected the summer of ’69 to end in a spate of grisly murders that took the life of one of young Hollywood’s most prominent stars, Robbie’s real-life Once Upon a Time in Hollywood counterpart, Sharon Tate. Life imitates … life?

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