Marc Jacobs Party – Lead
Credit: Courtesy Marc Jacobs

Details from last night now all seem hazy, but the disappearance of information isn’t as a result of one too many cocktails. Rather, it was alarmingly overwhelming to take in the showcase of fur and lingerie-clad models posing atop and between rusty, junkyard cars and sky-high cages (below), all of which stretched for what appeared to be miles inside Tunnel, a former mega New York City club that was reawakened for one night to celebrate Gloss: The Work of Chris von Wangenheim ($85; Hosted by Marc Jacobs, the highly-anticipate New York Fashion Week fête was an homage to the violent, glamorous, and naughty photographs that Wangenheim once lensed, and, well, the party welcomed all of fashion’s most mischievous players.

“It kind of does really feel like we’re in a time warp, like glam rock, Bianca Jagger, Studio 54! It’s weird. It’s really great though,” said designer Christian Siriano (third photo below, center). Dressed in appropriately themed garb, Siriano excitedly mentioned he too has a soon-to-be-released book for Rizzoli and thought the evening was “amazing.” “I did not really dress up as fabulous as my friends but, but I chose a printed blazer to be very '70s. That’s it.”

Marc Jacobs Party – Embed 3
Credit: Courtesy Marc Jacobs

Sure, a jacket with leaf prints and a punch of color may seem daring to some, but the style M.O. for Jacobs’s buzzy celebration was raucous on its own. It read like this: “Strict dress to kill code will be enforced: fur coats over lingerie, lip gloss, Jerry Hall side-swept hair, sequins, gold lame turbans, Patti Hearst Symbionese Liberation Army gear, rogue, rollerina chic, sheer harem pants, mini skirts and muscular legs, platinum records as head gear, sequins, Grace Jones butch realness, glossy skin, bleached eyebrows, slits, riding in on a white horse, sequins, sky-high stilettos, mirrored aviators, metal mesh, cowl neckline halters, or Eyes of Laura Mars chic. No flat shoes. No matte surfaces. No natural looks.”

"Gloss: The Work Of Chris Von Wangenheim" Book Launch Party
Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage (3)

And for this crowd, which included stars like Gabrielle Union (with Jacobs at top), Laverne Cox, Coco Rocha, and Solange Knowles (above, left to right), natural was the opposite of the ensembles chosen. A tattoo-covered party goer in leopard print shorts and a zebra-striped shirt expressed that “animal is a neutral,” while swimwear designer Matthew Zink, who dressed all of the models in barely-there bikinis from his Charlie by MZ line, agreed.

“I’m excited to be here tonight because we are celebrating fantastic people,” proclaimed model Anna Cleveland (below, left), the daughter of the legendary model Pat Cleveland (below, right), both whom arrived in amazingly glitzy sequin and embellished designs. “Marc pulled the dress for me and I said, I’ll take it!” she added.

"Gloss: The Work Of Chris Von Wangenheim" Book Launch Party
Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage

Of course guests arrived to celebrate the new tome, which Roger Padilha, who co-wrote it, said he’s so happy about, but everyone made sure to sip champagne, pose for the nearest camera, and admire the men outfitted in colorful dresses (one from Jacobs’s own resort ’13 collection) and women dripping in fur, gold hoops, and platforms.

Orange is the New Black actress Lea DeLaria described the party as “old school fun,” while makeup artist Jay Manuel, dressed in a Gucci shirt with vintage pants and what he described as a "porn star" inspired look. What did Manuel plan to say to Jacobs himself? “Thank you for doing this party because this is what fashion week is missing. Everyone’s just in the grind and no one’s really, really being creative and having fun and I think everybody pulled out all the stops for tonight’s party.”

Marc Jacobs Party – Embed 5
Credit: Courtesy Marc Jacobs

Dressed in nothing but a fur stole, pasties, and a barely-there bottom number, artist Amanda Lepore said she loved the kitschy invitation, and added, “I just figured I would go naked for the first days of fashion week.” Former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Milk told us “I knew I had to wear something shiny—I love a severe look” and danced alongside another drag queen named Yoo-hoo who craftily wore a cheetah-print turban wrapped over an air-filled balloon.

Marc Jacobs Party – Embed 4
Credit: Courtesy Marc Jacobs

While spot-on period hits like Donna Summers’s “Bad Girls” and “Hot Stuff” blared, guests made it clear that the dance floor wasn’t the only place to celebrate. Surprisingly, a circus of models, stylists, and unabashed divas all clamored into a bathroom where a photographer speedily snapped very glam shots of the group in their best Janice Dickinson-inspired poses. Selfies were obviously taken and wigs subsequently fell to the floor—eventually another attendee gleefully placed it on his head.

So did we manage to come close to the designer’s dress-to-the-nines expectations? “Yes, you shine. You meet the dress code,” Jacobs told us. Mission accomplished.

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