Marc Jacobs's Upcoming Handbag-Shaped Fragrance Is the Literal Definition of Decadence

Marc Jacobs Decadence Fragrance - Lead
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When a new fragrance is housed in a bottle resembling a tiny Marc Jacobs handbag, "Decadence" is the only fitting title. This fall, Jacobs will add the aptly-named scent to his growing beauty empire, which already includes a lineup of perfumes and a full range of color cosmetics. If you're familiar with the designer's scent family, you'll know that creative flacons are a trademark of his. While the Daisy spritzers represent the girl next door, and the floral-topped Lola represents your quirky best friend, Decadence is quite obviously the sexy, luxury-obsessed woman of the bunch.

"I like the idea of that extrovert, that show-off, and I like the things that symbolize her—whether it's the beads or the feathers or the sequins," he tells WWD of his inspiration. "I wanted something that evoked the sense of a bag, with python and a gold chain and a black silk tassel, so it had a kind of opulence and glamour and became an object of desire." Mission accomplished, we'll say.

Second to catching a whiff of the Bulgarian rose, Italian plum, jasmine, and amber concoction, we're also eager to see the surely-sexy ad campaign starring Adriana Lima. "You can feel her sex appeal from a mile away, but there's also this charm and youthfulness to her," Jacobs adds. "There's no vulgarity to it." Keep an eye out for the ad images, set to roll out in late September, with Decadence hitting stores shortly after, priced between $70 and $120!

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