Destiny's Child - Lead
Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The latest craze sweeping social media is none other than the #MannequinChallenge. And if you're doubting its power, just check out the iconic trio it brought together to partake in it.

Destiny's Child set the Internet ablaze when they reunited to participate in the viral phenomenon. The challenge started just a few days before Halloween, but Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams got in on the action on Monday by taking to Instagram. Rowland posted the girl group's spin, to the tune of equally iconic Lauryn Hill's song, "Every Ghetto, Every City."

The "Survivor"-singing triumvirate completed the challenge as Rowland's son Titan celebrated his second birthday and froze like mannequins with a graphic T-shirt on Williams, a flirty off-the-shoulder minidress on Beyoncé, and a sweater and denim on the "Motivation" singer.

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And the "challenge" has the simplest rules ever: All you need to do is get a group together and freeze mid-action in hilarious and near-impossible poses, while the group shot is filmed on video. Music only enhances the moment.

Destiny's Child aren't the only women taking part in the challenge of late either, as both Adele and Ellen DeGeneres have filmed their own spins. And hilarity continues to ensue with James Corden, Michelle Obama, Paul McCartney, and Britney Spears all taking on the challenge. See the best celebrity attempts below.


Ellen DeGeneres:

James Corden:

Paul McCartney:

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Britney Spears:

Kate Hudson:

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