By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jun 13, 2014 @ 3:56 pm
Friday the 13th Nail Art
Credit: Sarah Balch for

No thanks to the horror movies with a plot based on today's date, but every time Friday the 13th rolls around, we can't help but get a little superstitious. Rather than stepping over sidewalk cracks, avoiding mirrors, or indulging in any other rituals to ward off bad luck, we're taking a more humorous--and stylish--approach to the occasion with some festive nail art. In lieu of a Halloween-themed pattern, we opted for a minimalist effect, pairing a natural nail with inky black tips and half-moons. The sleek color palette serves as a nod to the illusory (and adorable!) black cat image, and touches on the cutout trend by incorporating your natural nail. Keep reading to get the step-by-step instructions.

1. Begin by layering on a clear base coat like Nails Inc's Kensington Caviar ($11;, which packs major benefits for your digits with its nail-nourishing ingredients.

2. With ORLY's Instant Artist striper polish in Jet Black ($7;, swipe the color across the tip of your nail. The ultra-fine brush allows for a more precise application, and makes it easier to correct unexpected errors.

3. Use the same polish to draw a half-moon shape at the base of your cuticle. You can use French tip guides like Essence's ($1; to get the shape perfect if you have trouble holding a steady hand.

4. Allow the color to dry completely before picking up the top coat -- any wet areas can streak across your nail bed and get messy, and this look is all about clean, crisp lines. A final layer of Dior's Gel Coat ($25; will impart a patent leather shine, and extend the life of your design.