By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jun 29, 2014 @ 6:30 pm
Swarovski Nails
Credit: Alex Reside for

What better way to celebrate the weekend than with some eye-catching nail art? Earlier this week, we tried our hand at a Swarovski-studded manicure, and although the effect is stunning, it's surprisingly easy to recreate. Ready to shine? Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions you need to nail the look.

1. Give your digits a quick swipe of nail polish remover to dissolve any hand cream, or any other oils that could cause your mani to prematurely chip. Then, follow with a layer of base coat like Orly's Bonder ($10;

2. Pick your color scheme. While we went for Butter London's Petticoat hue ($15;, just about any shade would look great next to the blinged-out statement nail. Apply two even coats to each nail, except for your ring finger.

3. On your ring finger, paint two coats of Deborah Lippmann's Moon Rendezvous ($18;, or another equally-sparkly silver.

4. Apply a durable top coat like Dior's Gel Coat ($25;, and while the lacquer on your ring finger is still wet, use a set of pointed tweezers to pick up and apply each Swarovski element (prices vary; for locations) to cover your nail bed.

5. Use your finger to press the crystals into place, then follow with an extra layer of top coat to ensure they don't budge. Once your nails are dry and you've cleaned up any unexpected smudges around your cuticle, snap a few photos, upload them to Instagram, and get ready to go viral.