You Need to See Mandy Moore's Epic '90s Hair in This #FBF Photo

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Mandy Moore may have mastered styling her ombré lob now, but back in the day the way she rocked her mane looked a little different.

The This Is Us star, who has shared photos in the past on Instagram of her throwback mullet, took things a step further Friday when she posted a snap of herself as a kid that showed her smiling wide with braces after she gave herself a 'do that was nothing short of giggle-worthy.

In the shot, Moore palms a box of Clue cards in a floral dress, and shows off her frizzy, wavy blonde hair which appears to have a thick brown streak in the middle of it.

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"Red carpet ready. For some inexplicable reason, my mom let me perm and temporarily color (!) my hair when I was 10," she captioned it. "Permed bangs? MOM. Also, I only had those braces for 6 months (shoulda been longer cause my teeth are NOT straight) but I took full advantage of the colored rubber bands for the holidays. Ps: there was no way I was excited about that travel version of CLUE. Just saying...: #fbf."

Moore has had her fair share of hair mishaps in the past (haven't we all?!), and has no problem with sharing it with the world. Take for example, her last #FBF photo she posted, which shows her riding on a bike with glee and sporting a mullet.

Perhaps it's because Moore nails it now when it comes to her hair ... and sets trends while she's at it. Just one look at her present-day Instagram snaps will prove just that.

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