Those bangs.


High school wasn't easy for everyone, even if you happened to be a pop star on the rise. Mandy Moore proved that point with a Flashback Friday post that threw it back to 1998, when she was just a freshman in high school. The picture, which shows her pre-homecoming, features almost all the calling cards of a '90s outfit, from the spangly halter-top dress to the two tiny tendrils of bangs framing Moore's babyface.

Moore notes that the photo was taken right before she recorded her first album, so she was on the brink of being a TRL superstar (something we'll hopefully get to see in Moore's upcoming TV show).

"Homecoming dance '98. Freshman year," Moore wrote. "Right before I left school to start recording my first album and I had the BIGGEST crush on my date. And yes, someone was paid to make my hair look like that." She added a trio of shrugging emoji to drive the point home.

The second picture in the post is a close-up look at her beauty look. There's bold coral lipstick and pastel purple eyeshadow, another staple from the decade of chokers, pencil-thin brows, Moore's debut album So Real, and its lead single, "Candy."

In her Instagram Stories, Moore joked with her hairstylist, Ashley Streicher, that she was ready to revisit the style, writing, "Ready to recreate this, @stricherhair?" If anyone can bring this back, it's Moore, who makes everything from '70s flower-child looks to old-lady makeup look amazing on This Is Us.