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When it comes to her fashion choices these days, Mandy Moore has been wearing plenty of '70s and '80s-inspired outfits, thanks to her leading role on the hit TV show This Is Us, as well as some incredible red carpet gowns like the plunging navy number at the Golden Globes back in January. But IRL, Moore is way more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl, which also happens to be the outfit she feels sexiest in.

"Being in something that I don’t have to futz and finagle and like pull up and pull down [is very important]," she told InStyle at the Alice & Olivia fall/winter 2017 presentation. "It all serves a purpose and I appreciate it all, but if I’m going to go on a date or something, jeans, T-shirt, a pair of heels, a good leather jacket, and a lip," she said. "That [combination] always makes you feel good." We definitely hear that.

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Moore has gone through quite a style transformation over the years, which is bound to happen when your career spans two decades, one of the decades being the ultimate low-rise jeans-and-a-crop-top era. "I think the more comfortable you get with yourself and in your life, it’s easier to take more risks and be a little bolder," she said. "I think I have more fun and I don’t take it as seriously now as I did when I was younger," she revealed. "I thought like, 'This is the end all be all going to this particular event or whatever outfit I end up choosing.' And now I’m like, there’s plenty of time to just have fun and be in the moment and enjoy myself."

And of course, we had to ask about her blonde days, and if she would ever go back. "No," she said laughing. "Not unless somebody makes me. Unless I have to for work, but my own choice, on my own volition, no." We think she looks great either way.

Mandy Moore, Stacey Bendet, Kate Mara
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Moore looked adorable, as always, at the Alice & Olivia presentation, in a black and white plaid dress, leather jacket, and red strappy pumps. "I’m always excited to see what Stacey [Bendet] is going to cook up," she said of the brand's designer. "It’s all really wearable and modern and playful and sexy and fun." Bendet told us that the collection was inspired by a miniature version of the illustrated book, The Enchantress of Florence. "It was such a beautiful tale," the designer said. "It takes place between Florence in the Renaissance and the empire in India, and it's really about a woman creating her own destiny in a man's world. So that’s my quote 'be the change you wish to see in the world.'"

Kate Mara, who also attended the presentation loved Bendet's mix of ultra-feminine and tomboy pieces. "That's how i like to dress," she said. "I love that combination because I feel most confident when I’m somewhere in between dressing masculine and super feminine."