Mandy Moore Is Bringing Back Her Early 2000s Hair Color

Mandy Moore
Photo: Frederick M. Brown

A season change, bad breakup, or new job are just a few reasons that we get the urge to switch up our haircut and color. For Mandy Moore, it's wrapping up filming of This Is Us.

Over the weekend Moore's go-to stylist Ashley Streicher debuted the star's major hair change on her Instagram. Streicher took a few inches off the actress' hair and added in a few long layers for extra texture and movement.

But, the biggest change is Moore's lighter blonde color. It appears that she's had warm, honey-blonde highlights painted on starting at her mid-lengths for a sun-kissed, ombré effect. Streicher gave a shout-out to the star's colorist Tracey Cunningham, who along with Moore's new blonde look, is also responsible for Jessica Biel's recent bronde shade.

Moore later shared her new look on Instagram and revealed in the caption that finishing filming for the season is what inspired her new look. Since she has stuck with her signature chocolate brown hair for years, it's easy to forget that she used to be a full-on blonde during her "Candy" pop star days.

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If the recent wave of celebs have you thinking about going blonde, highlights like Moore's are a good place to start if you're a brunette. You won't need to get your roots regularly touched up, and the ombré painting technique is less damaging than bleaching your entire head.

Moore going back to her blonde hair color is further proof that all of your favorite early 2000s beauty trends are making a comeback.

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