Mandy Moore Got The Bangs You've Seen All Over Pinterest

Mandy Moore
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There's no way of sugarcoating it: Bangs are a huge commitment. On top of having to get your bangs trimmed every couple of weeks, they get flippy if you get sweaty, and puffy when you don't blow-dry your hair. But, there's one bang style that's a little less high maintenance than the rest. Enter curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs are exactly what they sound like: they're long, parted down the center of the forehead, mimicking curtains that are pulled open. Since these bangs aren't short and choppy, they require less upkeep and can easily be grown out because they tend to blend into the rest of your hair fairly well.

Although curtain bangs were a favorite of the '70s, a ton of celebs like J.Lo and Alexa Chung are wearing them now. No wonder the look surged in popularity on Pinterest last fall, too. Well, it appears that this retro hair trend is here to stay, which Mandy Moore just confirmed at last night's Joni Mitchell's 75th birthday concert celebration in Los Angeles.

Moore played into the night's bohemian theme with her new set of curtain bangs. "When the suggested attire is “Boho Chic”, you show up (and clip in some fake, feathery bangs for the occasion)," she said in the caption of her Instagram post showing off her look.

Mandy Moore
Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Yes, they might be temporary, but Moore is a great example of how bangs can completely transform your current haircut and color. The actress gave her go-to hairstylist Ashley Streicher of L.A.'s Striiike Salon credit for the look by tagging her in the caption. In addition to the clip-in bangs, Steicher backcombed the This Is Us star's hair at the crown for extra volume and curled the ends of face-framing layers so they slightly flipped out.

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If you've been debating on whether or not to get bangs, Moore's latest hairstyle is pretty convincing in our humble opinion.

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