By InStyle Staff
Updated Mar 13, 2014 @ 8:34 am
Chris Pine
Credit: Randall Mesdon

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If you've never spent an afternoon at the Intelligentsia Coffeebar in Silverlake, Calif., with Captain James Tiberius Kirk, I highly recommend it. Granted, it's bit of a scene, what with the brunchoisie flitting into the trendy boutique that flank the café, but rest assured: No one will bother you. Denizens of the largely hipster neighborhood are too cool to betray their recognition of Chris Pine, the boyishly handsome 33-year-old actor who plays the Star Trek starfleet commander.

Not that it matters. As the actor talks, elbows on the table, hunched over tiny recording device, he's happy to ignore what's going on around him. With his mussed hair and five o'clock shadow, the actor is unnervingly watchful. He's the type of guy who requires your full attention. It's intense, more than a little intimidating, and truthfully, kinda hot. He also has no problem making fun of certain questions. "What kind of woman am I attracted to? Really? Can I just say I like what most human beings want?" But not everything elicits an internal eye roll. He's chatty about fashion and has a thing for big words. Set phasers to stun, amirite? Note: Chris Pine would hate that joke.

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You went to UC Berkeley and studied English. Why that major?I only did it because I was wholly unskilled at anything else. Never mind anything scientific. Though I have to say, my favorite college course was astronomy.

So you might say it was in the stars? I just set you up for a Star Trek reference, didn't I? Anyway, the course was taught by this nationally renowned professor, and I sat way up front and studied so hard and got a C minus. Proudest C I ever got.

Maybe it's a good thing you didn't do better. Otherwise there would be no Stretch (Ed note: in theaters on March 21st), where you're back with director-writer Joe Carnahan [Smokin' Aces] playing a billionaire eccentric with a gnarly beard. I loved it—it's incredibly liberating to not have your looks be a factor. it's the reason why I do this job in the first place—not to be a version of me.

Since your hotness is a crippling albatross? I've always been sort of uncomfortable with that, with looks factoring into a role. The alternative is just more fun to play.

Fair enough. What of hotness in others? What sorts of women are you attracted to? For me, style is a huge component. Humor is vital.

What's a buzzkill in terms of a woman's style? Too much makeup. When I'm kissing someone, I don't want to feel as though I'm rubbing off all the makeup that's on their face or messing things around. I think natural is better. That said, I'm also an actor and coming from a photo shoot and currently wearing makeup. So...