By Jennifer Ferrise
Aug 11, 2015 @ 3:15 pm
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The cast of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. looked delightfully modern as they hit the red carpet for the film's premiere last night in New York, but that doesn't mean that the mod '60s style from the movie didn't stick with them.

"There is something about that era that was just so cool," says Henry Cavill, who plays Napoleon Solo, a suave CIA agent who is forced to team up with Illya Kuryakin, a Russian KGB agent (portrayed by Armie Hammer) on a joint mission at the height of the Cold War. "The suits that I wore in the movie were the final piece of the puzzle for me to transform into this character. Once I put on my tie, pocket square, and cuff links, I felt like Napoleon."

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Cavill, best known for playing Superman, also says that his dapper suits in U.N.C.L.E. were a nice change from the capes he had become used to wearing on set. "Both of those costumes make you feel powerful, but in very different ways," he says.

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While Cavill's character was tailored to perfection, Hammer's Russian spy was a little bit more casual. "Henry got to wear all the good suits in the movie," joked Hammer (above, in Tom Ford with wife Elizabeth Chambers in KaufmanFranco). "I wore turtlenecks and jackets most of the time. I'm so over turtlenecks now!" Hammer also chatted about what it was like to go up against Cavill in some of the movie's intense fight scenes. "Henry has been through the Superman training, so he obviously knows what he is doing in an action scene," he says. "It went pretty smoothly and I'm happy to say he didn't really punch me at all."

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Alicia Vikander, who turned heads on the red carpet in Louis Vuitton (above), plays Gaby Teller, an East German auto mechanic who help the spies track down her father, one of Hitler's favorite rocket scientists. Vikander's costumes in the film are the epitome of the swinging '60s, pairing colorful shift dresses with oversize sunnies and hats. In one of the funniest scenes, Solo and Kuryakin debate the merits of Dior and Paco Rabanne when they take her character shopping for a few chic looks for their mission. In real life, Hammer says he knows better than to chime in on women's fashion. "I haven't earned the right to weigh in on that kind of stuff," he laughed.

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The film's costumes, designed by Joanna Johnston, were also a high point for Elizabeth Debicki​, who sports printed caftans and glamorous caplets as glamorous villain Victoria Vinciguerra. "Joanna is simply genius," says the actress in an ethereal Valentino gown (above). "It was truly like being in a time warp."

Check out the costumes in the trailer below and see The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in theaters this Friday.