9 Reasons Why I Have a Man Crush on Conor McGregor (And Your Guy Probably Does, Too)

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World Renowned UFC Superstar Conor McGregor Hosts Offical After Fight Party at Foxtail Nightclub Inside SLS Las Vegas
Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Conor McGregor is an Irish mixed-martial arts fighter nicknamed The Notorious. He might be the best fighter of all time—it's hard to say. Anyway, I'm obsessed with him and also it is likely the man in your life is, too. Why? Quite simply, he's the man we all want to be. (Kinda. Part of me hates him because he talks so much trash. But part of me hates me too so...) Here are nine reasons why:

1. He can rock a murse (aka, a "man purse").

2. Beard, body, tattoos.

3. We all wish we could do splits but have, like, a million other things and responsibilities in our life. Stretching takes a lot of time.

4. Subtle use of camo pants. No break. French cuff. Nice combo.

5. Can do cool things with rings (and isn't distracted by that dude peepin' in the background).

6. Because this happened to him. That never happens to me when I flex in my underwear.

7. He can pull off a newsie look.

8. He can talk trash like this. Which makes me hate him a little (see intro) but obviously also totes jelz. Also, he probably never says "jelz." Or "totes." So... I guess I'll stop too.

9. He moves like this and looks great in slow motion

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