Malin Akerman
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

We haven't seen anyone rock short hair like Malin Akerman in a while. Just last year the 27 Dresses actress sported a pixie with shaved sides and now she's wearing her ear-length bob in endless styles. While she was promoting her partnership with PepsiCo Recycling and The Nature Conservancy, Akerman stopped to chat with us on her secrets to growing out her strands.

For starters, she confessed to InStyle that extensions make those awkward phases a lot easier to get through. "When it's at that weird stage you can always do clip-in extensions or the tape version if you don’t want to do the real extensions that stay in for a long time," she advises. The extra length also comes in handy for her many different acting roles. "You know they want long hair, then they want short hair, so that’s always an easy fix," Akerman said.

Not only does the Couples Retreat actress add length while growing her cut out, she's also big on accessorizing. Akerman recommends, "You have to have hats, lots of hats and bandanas. They're fun hair accessories."

And when she's not masking her transitioning locks she's wearing her favorite go-to hair style. "The slick back look always works!" she raved. "You know just slick it back until it grows to a certain length."

Overall, she enjoys her short hair and told us: "I’ve just been having fun. I like to work in a lot of different products too for a nice voluminlous style. Bumble and Bumble has this great volumizing spray and then Oribe has this amazing dry shampoo. Don’t be shy about using products especially when you have a short hair do. Just go for it. Have fun and just test different things out. You never know a mistake could end up being a great piece of art."