9 Times Malia Obama Was the Coolest Teen Ever

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Malia Obama has been spotted on the set of HBO's Girls, proving that this First Daughter is geared up to have the best summer ever. As she spends her vacation with talented stars like Lena Dunham, the 17-year-old is having a blast hanging out in Brooklyn, N.Y., and learning more about the TV biz. And that's all while going through adolescence, which is tough enough—especially in the public eye. Yet somehow, Malia Obama has managed to make being the president’s daughter look more than enviable. Even before she was seen helping out on the set of a major TV show, these nine moments made us realize that Malia may just be the coolest teen ever—and we can't wait to see what else the future has in store for her.

1. When her dad was cool with her watching Girls.

Anyone who has watched a single episode of Lena Dunham’s hit show knows that it's not exactly a PG program. But even though President Obama may be a protective father—and rightfully so—he admitted in a New Yorker profile that he didn’t want to censor Malia’s TV consumption, so HBO was fair game.

2. When she was a PA on Halle Berry’s sci-fi show.

After Malia expressed interest in becoming a filmmaker, she reportedly flew out to Los Angeles for a week to work as a production assistant on Halle Berry’s CBS sci-fi show, Extant—even though she was only 15 years old!

3. When she photo-bombed her parents’ inauguration smooch.

Leave it to Malia to turn a tender moment into the perfect photo-bomb moment. This teen knows a hilarious photo-op when she sees one.

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4. When she rocked a Pro Era T-shirt.

To this day, it remains a mystery how a photo booth selfie of the First Daughter ended up on the internet—but Brookyn-based hip-hop collective Pro Era wasn’t complaining. Malia showed off her hip music taste by rocking a shirt promoting the rap group, which includes rappers like Joey Bada$$.

Malia Obama rocking that classic Pro Era tee! | Make sure you get your official Pro Era gear from theproera.com!

A photo posted by Pro Era (@proera47) on Jan 5, 2015 at 6:12am PST

5. When she went to Lollapalooza.

When one of her favorite artists, Chance the Rapper, was performing at Lollapalooza, Malia made her way to her native Chicago (along with her Secret Service detail) to enjoy the music festival. She jammed out to her favorite tunes while wearing a super cute sunflower ensemble—and even posed for a selfie.

6. When she kicked back at a Beyoncé concert with her mom and sister.

While Malia may have hung out at Lolla without parental supervision, the teen happily kicked back at a Beyoncé concert in Chicago with her mom and little sister Sasha. There's nothing like seeing a family friend as fierce as Queen Bey take the the stage.

First Lady Michelle Obama Departs From Venice
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Obama said goodbye to Venice, Italy in a printed Donna Karan a-line skirt paired with a matching top. She finished the ensemble with rose gold wedge sandals and a pair of simple drop earrings.

Awakening/Getty Images

7. When she got her driving lessons from the Secret Service.

Most of us learn how to drive either with the help of our parents or by enrolling in a driving school. But that's not the case when you’re a First Daughter. We can only imagine the parallel parking advice that the Secret Service has up its sleeve.

8. When she went to her first prom.

When we found out that Malia attended her first high school prom at 15 years old, we could only imagine how chic the First Daughter must have looked in her prom dress. While President Obama revealed that the teen was allowed to date, he didn't disclose any information about who would be escorting her to prom. Still, we're sure that the drive from the White House to the school dance must have been oh-so glamorous.

9. When she was one of the best-dressed First Daughters ever.

Spending your adolescence in the White House means that your awkward years are on display for the whole world to see. Yet somehow, Malia has made it to the tail end of her teen years looking positively elegant at all times, proving that this presidential teen has some serious style.

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