Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Robin Marchant/WireImage

Fact: Chrissy Teigen is as hilarious as she is stunning, and if you need more proof, look no further than her Instagram stream of gorgeous pictures paired with the wittiest captions ever. At the Step Into Magic event for the Amope Pedi Perfect tool, where the star partnered with the brand to shut down Vanderbilt Hall in New York City's Grand Central Station, we just had to ask about her most cringe-worthy beauty mishap, and no surprise here, the hysterical story didn't disappoint. "Oh god...One time on the airplane, I had a Chanel concealer, and it looks exactly like lip gloss---I'm not even kidding, the packaging looks exactly like a lip gloss I have," she tells us. "I put it all over my lips without realizing I grabbed the wrong tube, and then I just walked out of there with this muted-color concealer face. It was ridiculous and I looked like an idiot!"

Luckily for Teigen, the nude lip is a classic look and one she flawlessly works time after time, so we're pretty confident the star pulled it off with grace. "I have them all the time, though! Things don't zip, things break, something always happens to me," she adds. "I'm like a female George Costanza---it's always me!" The Seinfeld references are just another reason the star is our dream BFF, but to be fair, we think Teigen's wardrobe is far more stylish than Costanza's khaki and plaid shirt getup...