Makeup Artist Kayleen McAdams Shares Her Best Summer Beauty Hacks

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Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean our beauty problems are over. With plenty of hot, sticky days remaining in the forecast, we asked makeup artist Kayleen McAdams (yes, the talented younger sister of Rachel McAdams) to help us survive the final lap of the season. From freshening up sweaty skin with cucumbers to playing up a faux tan with bold lipstick, she shares her favorite summer beauty hacks below.

Wash Your Face Without Water

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“During the summer, I tend to over-wash my skin because my makeup melts in the humidity and I want to feel fresh when I go out in the evening. Instead of over-washing my skin, which can actually dehydrate it, I like to use POND’S Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($5; These are easier because I can skip the sink and use them anywhere, cleansing just my skin while leaving my eye makeup perfectly intact.”

Rethink Your Coverage

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“Healthy, glowy skin is really important to a great summer look. You don't want heavy, cakey makeup in the summer – it just doesn't stick well and is hard to maintain. I like to apply concealer just where needed, but if you feel you need a little extra coverage, try a tinted moisturizer like Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint ($40;”

Whip Up a Cucumber Mask

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“I picked up this trick from going to the Korean spas in Los Angeles—they grate fresh cucumber into a bowl and apply it as a face mask. It's really refreshing if you grate the cucumber into a bowl and then put it in the fridge for a few minutes. The cooling effect really freshens skin and is nice on a hot summer afternoon.”

Throw on a Bold Lip

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“My go-to makeup look in the summer is a bright poppy lip. If nothing else stays put in the humidity, I know I can rely on a pigmented lip. I love a good liquid lipstick in a bubblegum pink or coral. It will brighten your face and enhances tanned skin even further. Try Hourglass Opaque Liquid Lip in Ballet or Muse ($28;”

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