Make Your Monday Sweeter With This Lemon Soufflé Dessert and More Lunchtime Links

Lunchtime Links 03/31/14
Photo: Nicole Perry for POPSUGAR Food

Need a sweet escape? We immediately fell in love with this Lemon Soufflé recipe, featured on POPSUGAR Food. The delicate, airy pastry is topped with a drizzle of tangy raspberry sauce, and will cure your case of the Mondays, stat!

1. Our editor's diet includes takeout pizza paired with champagne, and sushi with truffles. [Grubstreet]

2. In preparation for tonight's How I Met Your Mother series finale, look back at the show's best episodes of all time. [EW]

3. It's official! Frozen is the highest grossing animated film of all time. [E! Online]

4. Whether you're a Beatles fan or Alfred Hitchcock aficionado, find your ideal hotel room here. [Curbed]

5. Make your bed look gorgeous and fuss-free with this easy bed styling breakdown. [Rue Daily]

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