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By now, we're all familiar with one particular, very polarizing candidate and his slogan: "Make America Great Again." And out of the many derivatives that have emerged from his campaign phrase, our favorite by far is "Make America Ferrera Again." As it turns out, it's America Ferrera's too. The star partnered up with designer Rebecca Minkoff to create a playful pro-Hillary Clinton tee that ($48; plays up the message, complete with a riff on Clinton's campaign logo (Ferrera's face is featured instead of the Democratic presidential nominee's).

"It's funny because it's a play on the slogan 'Make America Great Again,' which is very vague, and who know what he means by that," Ferrera says at Friday's Rebecca Minkoff x America Ferrera event. "I started getting tweets and comments with #MakeAmericaFerreraAgain, and I was like, what does that mean? What it means to me, especially now in this election season, is to make this election personal to you, make politics personal to you. For me, it’s about engagement, it’s about caring, it’s about daring to get invested in this election process and in the issues that impact your life."

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Ferrera embraced the hashtag, harnessing its virality to encourage women (specifically, millennial women—that means you) to vote. She reached out to Minkoff and, together, they created a limited-edition tee in only 48 hours. For every shirt sold, 20 percent of the purchase price will benefit Rock the Vote.

"I'm not surprised, because sometimes it's hard to imagine if you'll even make a difference," Minkoff says on why so few millennial women are registered to vote. "But when you hear about rights that are being taken away, you might want to get up and vote. I think now, more than ever, it’s important to make our voices heard, so it was a no-brainer for me to say, yes."

And already, it's picked up steam among the celebrity set, with Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer 'gramming their Make America Ferrera Again tees.

There's strength in numbers, so help make America Ferrera again with the purchase of the tee for $48 at