By Janelle Grodsky
Mar 14, 2014 @ 7:46 pm
ABC/Eric McCandless

Last night’s Scandal was the most intense yet, with Olivia Pope finding out the truth about Daniel Douglas’ death (remember a murderous Vice President Langston a few episodes back?) and realizing how detrimental it would be for Fitz’s re-election campaign. So much drama ensued that even Kerry Washington tweeted today: Major #ScandalHangover.

Pope’s wardrobe played a key role in the episode as well – did you notice all those patterned blouses? “Olivia wears lots of complicated prints throughout this one,” costume designer, Lyn Paolo, told “The whole thing is a really convoluted mess and she’s conflicted about it. The intricate blouses gave a hint that something complicated is happening.” But, as soon as Pope decides to tell Fitz about the murder, she’s back to business as usual in solid dark navy.

For more details on last night’s fashion, look through the gallery. Then, tune in every Thursday on ABC for new episodes of Scandal!