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It no secret that the process of growing up can be tough. (Puberty is no joke!) Now imagine going through it in the public eye.

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams experienced that first hand as she grew up before our eyes during six seasons of the popular series as the feisty Arya Stark. Cast in the role when she was just 12 years old, the young actress recently opened up about the ups and downs of taking on such a huge role at a young age.

"At 12 I was fearless and didn't care, so I really enjoyed it," Williams says in an interview with The Sunday Times. "But then as each season passed, the pressure built and it became a little destructive."

Out of her teen years at 20 now, Williams is heading into her seventh season of the globally renowned show. And with each year, she experienced a "dip in confidence" that "came with puberty." She states, "It all fizzled out a bit and I lost my confidence. And now I'm slowly starting to get it back again." Though Arya lives in a fictional world, there are parallels between the character's journey in the last six seasons and what Williams experienced in real life.

The actress also recounted the weirdness of filming during her first two years on the show. She told the Times, "I was having the time of my life, but I look back and think I wasn't really very happy because I didn't have many friends. I had left school and I was working a lot and it was a strange time."

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GoT cast members warned her that her life would undergo some major changes, but Williams wasn't excited about that at all. "I was like 'I don't want it to change, I quite enjoy my life,'" she affirmed. So she kept some normalcy in her life by going home on Sundays as often as possible and buying an apartment near her mother.

Game of Thrones's new season is less than a week away, but Williams has much more in store than just that. She starts shooting the new X-Men film New Mutants soon, so the young woman is staying busy. Of her growth, the actress stated, "Like with the new jobs and this shoot, I'm sort of becoming a woman."

There's a lot more in store for this bright star and we cannot wait to see what she does next!