By Olivia Bahou
Updated Dec 28, 2017 @ 1:15 pm

Maisie Williams and her boyfriend, Ollie Jackson, were having a low-key night in when they came across a potentially relationship-ending dilemma. The two were playing a game of Trivial Pursuit when Jackson got a particularly appropriate question, considering Williams’s role on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones.

Maisie Williams
Credit: David M. Benett/Getty Images

Jackson pulled a red card, which corresponded to the question: “In Game of Thrones, what is the name of the tomboy daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark?” The answer, of course, is Arya Stark, Williams’s badass character.

“He’d better get this one right,” she wrote in the caption, jokingly threatening him with an (emoji) sword that we can only imagine is her trusted blade, Needle.

Credit: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Luckily for Williams’s boyfriend, there’s more than one answer that she’d likely deem acceptable: A simple response of “A girl has no name” could probably win him the round as well.

Seriously, what are the chances?