Mais Oui! These Soulful Paris Photos Will Instantly Sweep You Away

The Paris Journal
Photo: Courtesy Evan and Nichole Robertson

Running around your summer holiday posting selfies from every landmark can spike your "likes," but the amazing shots in the new book, The Paris Journal: Book One (Obvious State, $14,, shows Parisian style is about much more than seeing yourself framed by the Palais at the Trocadéro, with the Eiffel Tower over your shoulder.

Co-authors Evan and Nichole Robertson pull back those fine French gossamer curtains to give us a rare treat: a full day’s meandering through a single neighborhood, mostly surrounding Notre Dame, as seen through the eyes of an everywoman American in Paris—one who's even got a weakness not only for fromage but also cupcakes (yep, they've got 'em!).

This sans-itinerary virtual escape captures the essential spirit of City of Light as no guidebook can. “We don’t want to tell you where to go—we want to take you there, as if you’re a fly on the shoulder of our character.” Nichole says. “We want to deliver Paris to you.” Cheeky diary entries are marked by hours and minutes, but Nichole insists the character’s enviable wanderings are not meant as a tourist’s to-do but rather “reflect more of a state of mind than a dot on the map." But after reading Journal, we can't resist the need follow in the Américaine’s footsteps on our next trip.

Through The Paris Journal's gorgeous images of soulful sunrises, secret doors, and, padlocks of love, get a glimpse of the effortless chic of the Parisian streets. Here, the Robertsons reveal 10 of their favorite images (plus one we love). Check them out on to immerse yourself in wall-size prints.

Go away to Paris right now with our gallery!

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