By Claire Stern
Updated Jun 01, 2017 @ 9:00 am
Courtesy Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery may be world renowned for its cupcakes—thanks in no small part to Sex and the City—but real New Yorkers know that it's all about the pudding. Light and fluffy, with slices of fresh banana and soft Nilla wafers, the cult-favorite treat is so delicious, it's capable of bringing the most skeptical dessert hater to tears of pure joy. If you're lucky enough to have experienced the creamy pint of deliciousness firsthand, brace yourself: Starting today, Magnolia will ship their cult-favorite dessert nationwide.

To place your order, visit, and, just like that, your bounty of banana pudding will arrive the very next day via overnight shipping, ensuring that it retains a similar caliber of freshness as the in-store stock. Each package comes with six 16 oz pints (enough for six sittings, at least) for the moderately affordable price of $48 plus shipping. According to Magnolia, the first shipment is slated to go out on Thursday, June 8, in case you want to get a jumpstart on next weekend's imminent pudding party.

Courtesy Magnolia Bakery

And that's not all, either. To fête the announcement, Magnolia is introducing four new banana pudding flavors: In June, it rolls out the Rainbow, featuring vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers, whipped cream, bananas, and confetti. In July, we'll meet the Magic Bar, with vanilla pudding, toasted coconut, graham crackers, bananas, and chocolate chips. August will bring S'mores, made of chocolate pudding, graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, marshmallow, bananas, and chocolate shavings. And, last but not least, September marks four blissful weeks of Salted Caramel, with layers of dulce de leche pudding, salted caramel, and bananas.

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So long, summer bod. We hardly knew ye.