Madonna's Son David Proves That a Love of Singing Runs in the Family

Madonna, Mercy, and David LEAD
Photo: madonna/instagram

It looks like Madonna's youngest son may follow in her musical footsteps. In an Instagram video the pop icon shared with fans Monday, David, 11, could be seen showing off his singing skills as he belted out Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'."

David, who went shirtless for his singing debut, enlisted the piano-playing skills of one of his friends to take his performance up a notch. As David continued to sing his heart out though, his friend grew a little tired of their collab and stopped playing. "I don't know the rest," he said, as David motioned for him to continue on.

"Friendship Goals part 2..............even friends need to know when to give it a rest," Madonna jokingly captioned the clip, adding crying laughing emojis.

In part one of her friendship goals post, David can be seen clad in a Nike shirt and having another jam session with his friend, as he plays the guitar. "Friendship Goals!...........Play Soccer......Do Homework........Make Music," she captioned the snap.

While we wait for these two to start their own band, Madonna has already shown that David has quite the fashion sense, in addition to his love for music. "David gives FASHUN," she wrote alongside a photo of him striking a pose in a top hat and leather dress coat.

It's clear this kid is ready for rock stardom.

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